What size saddle do I need and other questions

What size saddle do I need and other questions

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is "what size saddle will fit my horse"

This is the easiest question to answer but one that gets asked a lot. The answer is simply both saddles, the long billet or short billet saddles fit every horse, albeit a Shetland or a Shire. The only decision you need to make is - do you want to use a "normal" length girth - if so then it's a short billet (girth straps) you need and if you want to use a dressage girth then you need a long billet saddle. Literally - one size fits all.

Where the saddle becomes more personal and where you make it "fit' you and your horse's needs is the padding. We sell a Total Contact Saddle Pad that we have designed to work well with the saddle but you might want to add a gel pad underneath for added grippiness or riser pad underneath if your horse has a high wither or you might want a thinner pad if your horse is round and doesn't need too much padding between you and her.

I love looking at all the photos shared and comments from the TC family on our Facebook page and Facebook Community Group, people are so creative with their padding combos.

The only other thing to take into account before you go off and enjoy your new saddle is the stirrup leathers. You will need to go up a few holes if you have been riding in a "normal" saddle. The stirrup bars are set lower on a Total Contact Saddle. A lot of the TC family use T Bar stirrup leathers, they take away the leather's buckles under your thighs, this may not bother you but it is certainly an option if you do find yourself feeling the buckle under your thighs.

So what will you choose - Jet Black or Havana Brown?