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Total Contact Equine Solutions

Ex Trial Saddle Seat Pad for your Total Contact Saddle

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 This is an ex trial saddle seat pad, it has only been used a couple of times

Available  Black Equi-Suede

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Please note you are buying just the saddle seat pad

The Total Contact Saddle Seat Pad has been thoughtfully and scientifically  designed to be the perfect partner to your Total Contact Saddle. 

It is available in Black and Brown, Equi-suede for grip or Black and brown Synthetic leather. They have two handy D rings either side for carrying saddle bags.

The pad has three loops on the front, this is so you can attach the Seat Pad loop to the TCS front D rings to the size that fits you best, the back of your seat should touch the start of the cantle.  The pad covers a 16" through to 18" seat. The saddle seat pad measures 17" from the middle indented front to the back.

The saddle seat pad is designed to disperse pressure over the spinal area. It has been designed in mind for the slighter, elderly, dippy backed, high withered, shark finned horse, but equally works well on the chunkier more rounded horses. If you have prominent seat bones then this saddle seat provides protection for the horse.

For the rider this seat pad will give you more rider stability.

The pad is sculpted to a seat shape incorporating a small cantle, using layers of foam, the top layer of foam is a resistant layer for pressure dispersal to give maximum comfort for horse and rider and eliminates any pressure at all from riders who might have prominent seat bones.

The saddle seat pad has been designed so it is a bit more “meaty” and substantial than our Classic saddle pad, a perfect bridge for people who need a bit more rider security when moving from a more conventional saddle to the Total Contact Saddle.

The Saddle seat pad works best with your choice of saddle cloth underneath,  this way you keep the saddle seat clean

Some Testimonials:-

I found the seat very comfy seems to put me in better leg position and back feels better supported. Still working out wether better with Suber pad under of the cavallo pad under , but with either can still feel What Dan is doing still have feeling of bareback . Dan seems to like it still has freedom of movement .
Very pleased with it thank you 


Love this pad its so comfortable and having a shaped back gives me a better seat position. Also with the attachments to the tcs at the D rings i find that its so much quicker to tack up it just goes on in the right position first time rather than me have to check a few times to see that ive got it level and in the right position.  AF

What a lovely thing. I had been considering padding options, and then this. It fits my needs perfectly and is so comfy. It just felt 'right' as soon as I first sat on it. My horse seems happy too. Thank you. 


Wow the seat pad has been just the thing, I previously had the tcs on a cl pad but my mare is a big mover and throws me backwards when she is a little fresh and I find the sheepskin slippery. What a difference the seat makes.I’d definitely recommend it.


LOVE IT! Wow! I was pretty sceptical.
I’ll write proper review later but rode in it at 06:30 before work and had to tell you!
This will make massive difference for people transitioning


I have tried the seat this morning.  It really does help! It's a great addition to the saddle.  Our menage is on a slope so the real test was the uphill trots, I didn't slide back as much and when I did move the cantle caught me and kept me secure.
Very pleased with this. It put me in a better position than before and although wasn't as restrictive or rigid as a conventional treed saddle it did the job I hoped it would and with just the one sheepskin pad under it. 


I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know I love it!  As per our previous conversations, I was looking for a solution to help me feel supported in the back – I am happy to say the seat pad works great for this and my lower back pain after riding has disappeared and I don’t feel like I have to keep pulling myself forward to stay balanced. As for my other issue I was looking to fix – wanting a more narrow twist so that my hips do not feel pulled apart from my wide horse – the pad has worked for this too so far. I was concerned the pad might add more bulk, but so far so good!