Will the TCS fit my horse?

The Total Contact Saddle will fit any horse, from a Shire to a Shetland and everything in between, as well as riders of all levels of styles, shapes and sizes. It's especially well suited for horses who are young (and still growing) older (and changing shape), or those whose form fluctuates with the seasons; the larger flat backed table top horses, heavy horses, Shetlands, Arabs who can be hard to fit, Mules and Donkeys.

The TCS is essentially a piece of leather which wraps around the horse and hugs their body, making it completely flexible to any size or shape of horse. In fact, many TCS customers have one saddle which they use on multiple horses - you can't do that with any other saddle!

The stirrup bars are further down the saddle than on a conventional saddle to eliminate unnecessary pressure which sets us apart from other treeless pads.

One saddle really does fit all, as you’ll see from some of our client’s horses below who use the saddle.

  • Amber is an elderly 14.3hh Thoroughbred cross. She was hard to fit a saddle as she has a very high wither and a dippy back. By using the Total Contact Saddle with a riser pad under her pad, it was the perfect solution.

  • Hamish is a young Shetland cross who is learning to wear a saddle. The Total Contact Saddle will fit him in all stages of his journey into being ridden. It will also fit his new jockey as they grow too!

  • Oscar is a 15.2hh Cob. Oscar has always been very hard to find a suitable saddle, every saddle seems to slip. Oscars weight can fluctuate significantly, so the TCS is perfect as it fits him whatever weight he is and never slips.

  • Magnum is a 17.2hh Selle Francais. Magnum loves to jump! He is a big boy, and the Total Contact Saddle fits both him and his human beautifully.