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Total Contact Equine Solutions

Premium Leather Saddle Seat for your Total Contact Saddle

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Although we try to hold a small stock of saddles and accessories for immediate dispatch these products are handmade by our Master saddlers and there maybe a 1-2 week wait before your order has been made for you. If we think there will a longer wait we will contact you. Please email if you would like more information on availability.

Please note you are buying just the saddle seat as part of a modular system for your Total Contact Saddle

The Total Contact Saddle Seat has been thoughtfully and scientifically designed to be the perfect partner to your Total Contact Saddle. 

It is available in Black and Brown high quality leather. 

The saddle seat has three loops on the front, this is so you can attach the Saddle seat loop to the TCS front D rings to the size that fits you best, the back of your seat should touch the start of the cantle.  The  Saddle seat covers a 16" through to 18" seat. The saddle seat  measures 17" from the middle indented front to the back.  The seat from the centre of the  pommel area to the centre of the back of the cantle measures 46cm or 18"

The saddle seat is designed to disperse pressure over the spinal area working in the same way as the Total Contact Saddle. It has been designed in mind for the slighter, elderly, dippy backed, high withered, shark finned horse, but equally works well on the chunkier more rounded horses. If you have prominent seat bones then this saddle seat provides protection for the horse.

For the rider this saddle seat will give you more rider stability and a slight twist.

The Saddle Seat is a 3D design and has a sculpted seat shape incorporating a pommel and cantle using layers of foam, the top layer of foam is a resistant layer for pressure dispersal to give maximum comfort for horse and rider and eliminates any pressure at all from riders who might have prominent seat bones.

The Saddle Seat works best with your choice of a slim saddle cloth underneath,  this way you keep the saddle seat clean

We understand this is a considered purchase so if you or your horse are not entirely happy with your Saddle Seat after 2 weeks you can return it to us in good condition and we will refund the purchase price less postage. You must tell us you are returning within the two weeks once you have received it.

What you say:-

"Have been using the new seat for approximately 2 weeks now and I'm very pleased with it. Much quicker getting tacked up as it's clipped to the tcs so everything is lined up. It's comfy to sit on and my horse seems happy too." TG