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Total Contact Equine Solutions

Saddle Pad for your Total Contact Saddle - Various colour options available

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The Total Contact Saddle pad has been designed to be the perfect partner to your Total Contact Saddle. It can be used in conjunction with another saddle pad or half pad should you or your horse need a little extra padding due to condition or conformation.

The saddle pad measures 61cm long on the back and 50cm wide when folded, with approximately 3cm of padding. The padding is uniform across the whole pad, and especially across the spineous processes as it has no seam. The pad is shaped at the front edge to allow freedom of movement in the shoulder.

Across the top is a rubberised material to give grip to the seat or another pad. The saddle pad features a reflective strip on the back edge.

The saddle pad has 5 D rings (3 on the back edge and 2 on the front), and two V-shaped pockets either side of the pad, with Velcro fastenings. These pockets are large enough to hold a sandwich, drink carton, short lead rope or phone.

Available in black or brown as standard, the saddle pad is a smart accompaniment to your Total Contact Saddle. Other colours (Turquoise, Navy, Royal Blue, Maroon, Forest Green, Grey, White & Pink) are available made to order; please enquire.