The ultimate treeless saddle

The Total Contact Saddle (TCS) is a treeless saddle that wraps around the horse. Delivered to you flat, it has no fixed shape to it meaning it adapts to the contours of the horse – regardless of their size, conformation, breed or age.

Discover the craftsmanship behind making a Total Contact Saddle

  • The brilliant thing about the TCS is that it solves problems which conventional saddles can’t. Many horses are tricky to fit a treed saddle to – those which have flat backs, short backs, high withers… or horses which are either very young or old, whose bodies noticeably change shape over time.

  • Spending hundreds (or thousands!) of pounds on different saddles, different padding combinations, and expensive saddle fitting advice can still result in an ill-fitting, uncomfortable saddle that cause horses pain. The TCS solves all of this.

Enhanced connection

The TCS places the rider just behind the centre of gravity of the horse and so makes it easier for the horse to carry the weight of the rider, and move more freely in all gaits. With the Total Contact Saddle, the rider is effectively sitting on the horse, and not perched above it as in a conventional saddle, so can learn to feel the direct movement of the horse as it flexes its muscles through the back. The Total Contact Saddle places the rider in a position where increased rapport with the horse is possible and so the horse can feel the rider easier, making aids softer, and the rider can feel the horse more, meaning that they can understand what's happening under them better.

  • For every horse, every rider and every discipline

    The Total Contact Saddle is loved by thousands of riders across the world, who love the comfort, flexibility and freedom it gives them and their horses. The TCS is used for all kinds of disciplines, including endurance riding, show jumping, cross country and horse back archery!

  • A gentle way to ride

    Without the weight, pressure and fixed shape of a conventional saddle, the Total Contact Saddle is a really gentle alternative. Weighing in at less than 1.5kg, it’s a popular choice for riders looking to bring their young horses into work, allowing the horse their full range of movement without being restrictive in any way.

Riders who are new to the Total Contact Saddle concept often worry about the pressure it might place on their horses’ spine. As horse lovers ourselves, we take this concern very seriously and have had the saddle thoroughly tested to ensure that the Total Contact Saddle is completely safe for your horse. Results show that there is less strain on your horse than would be experienced in any other saddle – you can read about an independent peer-reviewed scientific study into the TCS here, or visit our Facebook community page for heaps of unedited reviews.
You will need to pay attention to your padding solution, which needs to be appropriate for the needs of the horse to provide comfort to horse and a sense of security to the rider. We’re delighted to have developed a Total Contact Saddle Seat Pad, which has been thoughtfully and scientifically designed to be the perfect partner to your Total Contact Saddle. Find out more about that here.

Got questions about using a Total Contact Saddle? No problem - read our FAQ.


Ten reasons to love Total Contact Saddles

1. It fits literally any horse! From large flat-backed tabletopped horses to high withered, dippy backed horses, from very young horses to very old, the Total Contact Saddle will fit them - no matter what size or shape they are.

2. Incredible connection. The simple, minimalist design gives you the connection of riding bareback, yet with the security of stirrups. You can feel your horse, and they can feel you.

3. It's an incredibly economic choice. The Total Contact Saddle costs a fraction of most saddles and doesn't require expensive saddle fitting.

4. It'll make you a better rider! The Total Contact Saddle gives you a much better seat and encourages you to use your core muscles, making you a better and much more responsive rider.

5. It's a wonderful saddle for young riders - and young horses, too. What better way to begin your riding journey than with a lightweight saddle (it weighs less than 1.5kg!) that's gentle to the horse and encourages responsive riding right from the start.

6. Finally a saddle that doesn't slip! Many clients who've experienced saddles slipping in the past report that their Total Contact Saddle consistently stays put and doesn't slip.

7. It's a brilliant solution for riders who suffer with back and hip problems. Many clients are delighted that they can finally ride in comfort again.

8. No pressure. Worrying about pressure on your horses' back is natural - yet the Total Contact Saddle has been rigorously pressure tested and out-performs many leading saddle brands.

9. Perfect for riders of any age and ability. First-time riders to long-term riders use their Total Contact Saddle for all kinds of disciplines, including endurance riding, showjumping, cross country and horseback archery!

10. Miles of happy riding! Providing your horse with a pain-free, unrestricted ridden experience, you’re guaranteed a rewarding ride with your Total Contact Saddle.

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